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Is it possible to copy MOBI files onto an iPod touch?

Can such files be read by the Kindle reader App?

I am reformatting a friend's novel so that it is readable on a Kindle. The ultimate goal is to sell it via the Amazon Kindle store. However, I think it prudent for the author to have a chance to preview my conversion work so that she can find any errors that need to be fixed.

I started by converting her Word DOC to HTML and correcting the markup using Perl and Dreamweaver. Then I used Calibre to convert the HTML document to MOBI format. I have no trouble deploying it to my Kindle using Calibre, and it displays and functions well, even the dreaded TOC.

However, the author does not own a Kindle. She has an iPod touch. I do not own an iPod touch, and need to describe how to put the book onto the iPod so she can proof the results. I have heard that you can only read books on the iPod that are ordered from Amazon. Is this true? Or is there a workaround?

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Open itunes, click on the ipod/iphone and click on aps. Use the scrollbar on the RIGHT to scroll down until you see "file sharing." Click the kindle ap, and drag/drop the .mobi files onto the space on the right, –  Zach Oct 22 '12 at 15:47
Also, I vote to move to apple. This is a relevant question to many other people, and I was personally frustrated that the first stackoverlflow answer google returned did not have the correct answer. –  Zach Oct 22 '12 at 15:48

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If you set up an email address at kindle.com, you can email the .mobi file to that address and Amazon will convert it for 15¢ per MB and deliver it to your Kindle Library where all your Kindle devices and apps will then sync it.

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You can start a free account at box.net, their you can upload your books, in mobi ebook epub ect format.. then you can access those books through the Stanza application. Heres a link with instructions. hope it helps

http://www.lexcycle.com/faq/how_to_get_books_onto_stanza_iphone (it says iphone, but stanza app is the same on both, so shouldnt matter?)

I did this just by going into iTunes, selecting my iPad, going to Apps, choosing Kindle, and adding the files there. No conversion, no using anything else. Just synced and they uploaded right where they were supposed to be. No outside apps, nothing. Easy.

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iPhone/iTouch Kindle App only allows uploads directly from Amazon.

Mobi doesn't have an iPhone/iTouch app yet; they've apparently been working on one, but the release date is "not now".

You could install Bookshelf or Stanza, or another non-Kindle reader for the Touch that reads Mobi.

The only problem is that those third-party readers don't have the ability to display encrypted (DRM'ed) Mobi files, in which case, your friend is out of luck.

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Thank you. The book has no DRM yet, so Stanza might work. It will have DRM AFTER we put it up on the Amazon store, at which time it will be downloadable from Amazon. My big question is how different the Stanza reader will show the book. The Kindle has certain default formatting: margins, font sizes, etc. What default formatting does Stanza supply? –  Paul Chernoch Oct 8 '09 at 14:10
I think Stanza just uses whatever format the Mobi file specifies; haven't created a file for it, so I'm honestly not sure. –  Dean J Oct 8 '09 at 17:06

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