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I have created a matrix

arr_n = np.ones((N,N), dtype = 'bool')
arr_n[arr_d[:,1], arr_d[:,0]] = 0
arr_d = np.array(data)       
self.ax.imshow(arr_n, cmap=plt.cm.spectral_r)

I have chosen spectral_r as afterwards I want to add color to the points. I have come across a problem however. Instead of plotting the data I want(in black) it plots the things that I do not want instead. So I am left with the opposite of what I want. i.e the data i want plotting is white and the part I don't has been plotted(in black). data = [(14,64),(23,45),(12,34)]

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spectral is the reverse color scheme of spectral_r. Does that help? –  Robbert Mar 13 '13 at 9:05
Thanks, your question was helpful! –  Mattia Dec 17 '13 at 15:39

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You can use the inverse of the colormap:

self.ax.imshow(arr_n, cmap=plt.cm.spectral)

Or plot the inverse of your boolean matrix.

self.ax.imshow(np.invert(arr_n), cmap=plt.cm.spectral)
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