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I am developing a messenger cross platform application.I would like to use my sets of custom images as emoticons.while searching for a solution i could find using existing emojis.First I am planing to develop in IOS.Any valuable suggestions/sample code will be appreciable

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Long story short, you hardly succeed with UITextView / UILabel.

Alternatives are:

  • UIWebView
  • Core Text facilities
  • Overlaing emoticons upon UITextView

Quote from one good answer:

You would be better off using a UIScrollView and managing UITextViews and UIImageViews in it. UITextView doesn't support adding image inline with text. In fact, it doesn't really support anything other than multiline text.

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Thanks for your reply.Any links/sample code you can provide will be appreciable –  Jeff Mar 13 '13 at 9:29
I am following the same logic.but I got stuck in including images in between the texts –  Jeff Mar 13 '13 at 9:36
Inserting images between the texts can be done easily with Core Text, and also via UIWebView (html, you know <img src="...">) and so on. Personally I think overlaying kind of dirty trick, and I do not recommend it. –  Oleg Trakhman Mar 13 '13 at 9:40

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