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In my app, I've used map like http://maps.google.com/maps?q=

The problem is that Android has a label “A” but iPhone has the address. when I tap the Pin label to “get Directions” in iPhone, the page does contain the actual street address, but Android doesn't.

As far as I know, iPhone has its own app in order to display map, but Android displays in the browser.

Is there any way to manage Android`s map?

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I think Android has a different way of hotlinking addresses:

Use the following code:

   <a href="geo:42,2?z=8">Click here for maps</a>
   <a href="geo:53,-9?saddr=(53,-9)&daddr=(42,4)">Click here for route maps</a>

via http://stackoverflow.com/a/6299564/580173

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