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Following is my code. Now when mouse is out I want to wait for 2000 milliseconds to resume my slideshow. But the Image changes as soon as mouse is out. Can anyone help??

<img src="images/achiever.png" name="slide" alt="badge" 
width="130" height="130" onmouseover="pause()" 
onmouseout="javascript:setTimeout(resume(), 2000)" />
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Maybe post the pause() and resume() functions here as well? –  Magnus Lindgren Mar 13 '13 at 9:25

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You're calling resume and passing its return value into setTimeout, rather than passing resume into it. The setTimeout should look like this:

setTimeout(resume, 2000)

Just like foo(bar()) executes bar and passes its return value into foo, setTimeout(resume(), 2000) executes resume and passes its return value into setTimeout.

Separately, note that you don't use the javascript: pseudo-protocol with any onXYZ attributes, only in places where a URL is expected (such as href on anchors). So your onmouseout attribute should look like this:

onmouseout="setTimeout(resume, 2000)"

The code in onXYZ attributes is always code, not a URL. The javascript: there actually ends up being a pointless label.

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The argument to setTimeOut should be a function, and the correct way to pass a function as an argument is to use the function name without the parenthesis. If you add the parenthesis, you are actually executing the function and passing the result to setTimeOut. Hence, it should be setTimeOut(resume,2000)

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Please remove parentheses. Example : setTimeout(resume, 2000);

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The parenthesis around resume() are causing the function to be evaluated immediately. Removing those effectively makes the function call a 'pointer' of sorts.

<script type="text/javascript">
function pause() {
    //pause here

function resume() {
<img src="images/achiever.png" name="slide" alt="badge" width="130" height="130"     onmouseover="pause()" onmouseout="javascript:setTimeout(resume, 2000)" />

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