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Please refer to my first question by this link, thanks to @A.V for helpfulness,

The script which provided is work great in fact, but there is an issue in the giving name for option value and optgroup, please go for more specific action, group 1-1 is working nice with option value and optgroup label without space, comma or slash, where the rest is unworkable, can anyone please give a solution? I must having a long text in the option value and optgroup label as necessary info.


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Referencing your jsfiddle, the problem with it is the selector for the optgroup.

It currently looks like this:


Which does work fine, however when somelabel contains spaces or special characters, they interfere with the selector. To remedy this, simply enclose somelabel with quotes, like this:


I forked your fiddle and made the update (line 33):

Edit: please note that if somelabel contains quote characters you would want to escape or replace those or it will break again.

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Thank you very much. – conmen Mar 14 '13 at 2:15

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