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I was wondering if and how one could achieve mixing :include and :joins in associations to avoid needless roundtrips when retrieving an object from the database.

For instance, when having a model space like:

 —————                —————             —————
|  A  | 0..1 ————— * |  B  | * ————— 1 |  C  |
 —————                —————             —————

Here I'm loading an instance of A by a known identifier to display in my view, but I would like to load B and C as well (B via :include, and C via :joins). Can this be done? So far, I am using :include only, ie.

A.find params[:id], :include => [ { :b => :c } ]

which naturally generates two additional roundtrips (1., fetch A by id, 2. fetch associated Bs, 3. fetch associated Cs).

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Since you are using Rails 3, you can just chain such methods.

A.includes(:b).joins(b: :c).find(params[:id])
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