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I'll shortly begin the development of an ecommerce site based on Symfony2. I'll use Symfony2 for those main reasons:

  • I happen to know and like this framework
  • The customer need is not a typical webstore, so webshops like Magento are probably not relevant - and from my experience I'll finally struggle with them
  • The framework seems to have interesting ecommerce building blocks: Sylius bundles and Vespolina bundles

What I am looking for is some feedback about those bundles, preferably from people who run them in production:

  • Is there one suite of bundles arguably better than the other (stability, features)?
  • Can they be mixed easily? (I saw on a Sylius presentation that some Vespolina bundles could be used within)
  • How does the community respond to bug reports, support requests and new features development?
  • And anything that can contribute to a comparison between those bundles

And finally, are there some other Symfony2 ecommerce initiatives that I've missed?

Of course I've been doing my research, and I can not seem to find any interesting comparison between those bundles.

About the site:

  • Virtual products (songs) are sold
  • French site, so VAT rules for France
  • Mobile friendly
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The best way to find out more about the bundles is on Freenode IRC in #vespolina and #sylius-dev. Personal opinion: Your requirements aren't toooo advanced..Sylius will do the job and is at a stage where you can use it (you have to put a lot more work into Vespolina). –  hacfi Mar 18 '13 at 10:52
I would advice sylius too, it will do the job. –  Florian Apr 9 '13 at 7:29

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If you are going to develop an ecommerce website with symfony right now ( as of 2013-05-26 ) and you want to make use of existing bundles/implementations...

Go for Sylius!



Vespolina has received some attention when first announced as it claimed to be the first ecommerce solution for symfony2 but it's really more or less dead by now.

Even their demo page has only worked for me like 1/4 times. ( tried to add a product to the basket ... 404 )

There is no more active development and the documentation is horrbile. (last commit Sep 2012).

The repositories might still be a valuable source for inspiration in some cases though.


Sylius has recently been aquired by KnpLabs. For those who don't know ... KnpLabs runs:

  • knpbundles.com ( aka THE definite source for information about available bundles )
  • the KnpUniversity ( aka the currently best Screencast provider for symfony2 ).

Ryan Weaver - symfony core member & Lead author of the official Symfony2 doc - is one of the Knp guys.

Those guys definitely know what they do. Their open source contributions are of outstanding quality and their bundles ( KnpMenuBundle, KnpPaginatorBundle, KnpGaufretteBundle ) are widely used throughout the community.

They are driving the Sylius project into the right direction. Development is quite active and there are already sites using Sylius in production. ( i.e. sommelier-prive.de was built with Sylius )

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Thanks @nifr, you pretty well summed up the info I got from my own research. –  Alexandre Bulté May 27 '13 at 8:37
It's not true that Sylius is aquired by KnpLabs. See here: knplabs.com/blog/2013/08/13/sylius-enterprise-services –  Jakub Zalas Feb 9 '14 at 9:51
Oh ... that's pretty sad! it would be interesting to know the background for Pawel's decision to continue the development on his own :/ The article on sylius.org really stated "aquired" and not just a collaboration back then when i wrote this answer as far as i can remember. It seems to be offline by now ... I'll update the answer soon. Thanks for pointing that out @JakubZalas. –  nifr Feb 9 '14 at 12:11

I vote for Sylius too. There are few more solutions btw https://gist.github.com/umpirsky/bfcc794c1de2d7e0c482.

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If your are looking to combine e-commerce and Symfony 2, Iet’s have a look at Thelia. It’s a new e-commerce solution based on Symfony 2 components. The stable version released in April 2014. Thelia uses the following Symfony 2 components : Config, Dependency injection, Http Kernel, Form, Event dispatcher… Thelia also complies with PSR norms.

The solution is constantly evolving, the roadmap is quite long !

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