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I just want to call a cakephp action with jquery clicking on checkbox. I just want to refresh the current page by I want to use $.get because I want to send others variables to the action. I tried the following code :

HTML code :

<?php $chkOpt = array('pertinence' => $pert, 'onClick' => 'refresh_current_page()', 'id' => 'matchCoche'); ?>

<td class="check-column"><?= $form->checkbox($waiting['ArgusWaitingsMobilesPrice']['brand'] . ';' . $waiting['ArgusWaitingsMobilesPrice']['mobile'] . ';' . $waiting['search']['RefAvatar']['mobile_id'], $chkOpt) ?></td>

Javascript code :

<script type="text/javascript">
            function refresh_current_page() {
                $('#matchCoche').ready(function() {
                                $.get("<?php echo $this->here ?>");

Does anyone can help me ?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

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Better use click event. Dont mix it with HTML :)

          $.get("http://"+ document.domain +"/yourController/yourAction/param1/param2/");

Anyway, if you just want to call the page again with other parameters, why dont you use a normal HTML link for it?

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As mentioned in the previous answer you're better off just using a regular link. You can send additional variable via named parameters:

<a href="/controller/action/id/variable1:value1/variable2:value2" />link</a>
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The relevant documentation can be found at : for how to include non-default helpers for using the 1.3.x Html helper to include scripts for using the 1.2.x Javascript helper

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I always use Html helper to make the url, keeps me from trouble.

              $.get("' . $this->Html->url( array('controller' => 'your_controller', 'action' => 'your_action', 'param1', 'param2') ) . '");


This assumes you have 'Js' helper loaded and have:

<?php echo $this->Js->writeBuffer(); ?>

in your layout before the closing body tag

I find it convenient to use Js->buffer. Js->writeBuffer will collect all the snippets from the buffer and take care of $(document).ready function.

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