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I am trying to display a search result in a <div> on a smarty template. The search result is taken from a click.

The anchor is this:

<li class="price-list-item"><a href="javascript:void();" class="price" onclick="searchRange(0,1000)">0-1000</a></li>

and the searchRange function is this:

function searchRange(first, second) {    
    var first = first;
    var second = (second != null) ? second : first; 
    $("#ad-display").load("index.php?first="+first+"&second="+second+" #ad-display");

the ad-display box that are written in adlistdisplay.tpl looks like this:

<div id="ad-display">
    <section id="add-list">
        <ul id="ad-list">
        {foreach from=$adverts key=k item=i name=ad_list}
            <li class="ad-list-item-{cycle values="odd,even"}" id="ad-{$i.aid}">
                <div class="ad-item-box">
                    <div class="ad-item-photo">
                        <a href="viewad.php?aid={$i.aid}"><img src="adimages/{$i.img}" width="80" height="80"></a>
                    <div class="ad-item-info">
                        <span class="ad-item-title"><a href="viewad.php?aid={$i.aid}">{$i.title}</a></span>
                        <span class="ad-item-desc">{$i.text|truncate:25}</span>
                        <span class="ad-item-price">Kr. {$i.price|number_format:2:",":"."}</span>

in my index.php I have this code:

$adverts = new Adverts();
$smarty->assign('catlist', $adverts->getcategories());

if(isset($_GET["first"])) {
    $search = new SearchEngine();    
    $smarty->assign('adverts', $search->search_ads(null, "price", $_GET["first"], $_GET["second"]));    
} else {
    $smarty->assign('adverts', $adverts->listadverts());    


index.tpl contains this:

{include file="adlistdisplay.tpl"}

When I click the anchor at the top, it just shows a blank spot at #ad-display. No results are displayed. I want it to display the result from search_ads function. It look like this:

function search_ads($search_string = null, $type, $min_price = null, $max_price = null) {

        global $db;
        global $config;

        switch($type) {
            case "text":
                $search = 'text LIKE "%'. $search_string .'%"';
            case "price":
                $search = 'price > '. $min_price .' <= '. $max_price .'';
            case "headline":
                $search = 'title LIKE "%'. $search_string .'%"';
                $search = 'price BETWEEN '. $min_price .' AND '. $max_price .'';

        $row = $db->dbh->query('SELECT ad.*, (SELECT img.image FROM '.$config->db_prefix.'_images img WHERE img.aid = ad.aid LIMIT 1) AS img FROM '.$config->db_prefix.'_adverts ad WHERE '. $search .' AND ad.approved = 1');        
        return $row;

I have created this fiddle to show what I to achieve. It is a little different, but shows my intention



$search = 'price > '. $min_price .' AND price <= '. $max_price .'';
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There's an awful lot of code for us to wade through here. Have you tried simplifying your problem down so there aren't so many components where the error might be? –  IMSoP Mar 13 '13 at 20:11
I agree. Your problem seems to be hidden behind too much information. You fetch the data using jquerys load function. Have you debugged if your server sends you some data back (p.e. with firebug or something similar)? –  Bjoern Mar 14 '13 at 5:24
Sorry about the code - I thought I would provide as much connected code as possible. I believe the problem is somewhere between the search result and the loading into the div. It do pass the parameters the the search function. –  Morten Hagh Mar 14 '13 at 8:41
Setting the correct query helps alot! :) I missed 'AND price <=' in the search query! –  Morten Hagh Mar 14 '13 at 8:52

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Solution posted at the bottom of the question

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