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I'am actually working on a responsive design and i'm quite stuck:

I need to set image-type children position to absolute in their div parent, and keep the lower section under this parent. But actually, the only solution i have is to set a fixed height for this parent (in that case, a relative margin for the lower section wouldn't work in a dynamic structure). The problem is that the images, set to max-width: 100%; to keep their dimensions flexible, expand with the page, and the lower section is no more well positioned on resize:

<div id='page'>
<div id='b0'><img /><img /></div>
<section id='s0'><h2>section title</h2><p>hjkhjkhjk</p></section>

And the CSS:

#page{max-width:1024px; margin: 0 auto;}
#b0{position: relative; height:25%;}/* doesn't work, 100px instead work but responsive design fails */
#b0 img{position: absolute;}

Does anyone have a solution for that ?

Thank's in advance

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Ok, I now have a very simple mixed solution using Both CSS and Javascript: As the primary need is "mobile first" design, i've introduced un min-height for the images container in a smartphoine targeted media query css file:

In the head tag:

<link rel='stylesheet' media='screen and (min-width:320px)' type='text/css' href='css/css.css' />

Then the CSS:

#b0{position: relative; min-height:82px;}

And a little bit of Javascript:

$(document).ready(function(){window.onresize=function(){$('#b0').css({'height' :( this.innerWidth * .25)+'px'})}});

So this mixed solution needs Javascript activated, a min-height to be set up for each media query step, and a percentage for the container height calculated with global and maximum page dimensions: in my case:

#page{max-width: 1024px;}

and a container height at about 280px;

Hope this can help someone someday ;-)

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Simplier solution :

Consists in setting each image to position: absolute; except the last one :

#b0 img:last-child{position: relative;

keeping an element in the "flood" provides its parent the needed height value.

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