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Here is what i have to do a webpage gives a excel sheet with if we set some conditions and hit get button,then i have to filter for some data on the excel sheet and put it on another excel sheet,like wise have to get data from different excelsheet and put it in a single file.How to do that.

using javascript on page will be better.

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Please can you edit your question for clarity. Must this happen from a webpage on an existing Excel document? Where is the Excel file running? – user114600 Oct 8 '09 at 14:51

It is not clear whether the web page contains a real Excel spreadsheet, or a HTML/JavaScript representation of it. The former is only possible (if I remember correctly) only in IE and some ActiveX controls, or maybe with some MS Office showing Excel in browser directly. I am not sure about this because I quit working with MS technologies a while ago.

So, try to view the source of the page and determine which is it.

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