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I try to download emails from my POP3/IMAP accounts using Zend Framework 1.12 and it's working fine. QP header fields will be decoded automatically. However, when a header field (from name or subject) is base64 encoded like this:


it will not automatically base64 decode it. Don't know why. While it would be easy to fix this "my way", I would like to do it right.

Can anybody recommend a good approach how to deal with base64 headers?

Thanks a lot.

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You can use use iconv_mime_decode_headers() PHP function.

   $decoded = iconv_mime_decode_headers('Subject: '.$subject, 0, "UTF-8");

Note, that you can pass multiple header parameters to one function, by separating them with newline or "\n". e.g.

   $headers = "Subject: {$subject}\nFrom: {$from}";
   $decoded = iconv_mime_decode_headers($headers, 0, "UTF-8");

In this case you will get array with keys "Subject" and "From" with decoded data.

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Its the responsibility of mail mime parsers to decode the mail headers. There are open source base64 decoders available on net which can be used to decode these strings.

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