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I have been working on a social network, i have a fanpages table that a user can create a profile for their favorite band or celebrity and another table called friends where they can subscribe to the fanpages. i then want the requests to appear in notifications for the fanpage admin to except. after the first sql query it returns fanpages with multiple values but if i echo the next $sql query it shows that its only selecting one result to query instead of all of them.

so basically i need to query fanpages table for all fanpages created_by the user logged on ($log_username), then i need to take those fanpages and query the friends table to find out if anyone has requested to subscribe to the users fan pages??

this line of code $fanpage_requests = "$fansubSql"; outputs SELECT * FROM friends WHERE user2='fan4' AND accepted='0' ORDER BY datemade ASC as the only result but there should be 2 results as both fan3 and fan4 have requests.

thanks for your help Michael

$fanpage_requests = '';

$fansql = "SELECT created_by, fanpage_name FROM `fanpages`  WHERE created_by = '$log_username' ";
$fanquery = mysqli_query($db_conx, $fansql);
$fannumrows = mysqli_num_rows($fanquery);

if($fannumrows < 1){
    $fanpage_requests = 'No friend requests';
} else {

    while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($fanquery, MYSQLI_ASSOC)) {
        $fanpage_name = $row["fanpage_name"];
        $created_by = $row["created_by"];

        $fansubSql = "SELECT * FROM friends WHERE user2='$fanpage_name' AND accepted='0' ORDER BY datemade ASC";
        $fansubQuery = mysqli_query($db_conx, $fansubSql);
        $fansubNumrows = mysqli_fetch_row($fansubQuery);
        $fanpage_requests = "$fansubSql";

        if($fansubNumrows < 1){
            $fanpage_requests = "blah blah"; 

        while ($fansubRow = mysqli_fetch_array($fansubQuery, MYSQLI_ASSOC)) {
            $fansubreqID = $fansubRow["id"];
            $fansubuser1 = $fansubRow["user1"];
            $fansubdatemade = $fansubRow["datemade"];
            $fansubdatemade = strftime("%B %d", strtotime($datemade));

            $fansubthumbquery = mysqli_query($db_conx, "SELECT avatar FROM users WHERE username='$user1' LIMIT 1");
            $fansubthumbrow = mysqli_fetch_row($thumbquery);
            $fansubuser1avatar = $thumbrow[0];
            $fansubuser1pic = '<img src="user/'.$user1.'/'.$user1avatar.'" alt="'.$user1.'" class="user_pic">';

            if($fansubuser1avatar == NULL){
                $fansubuser1pic = '<img src="images/avatardefault.jpg" alt="'.$user1.'" class="user_pic">';

            $fanpage_requests .= '<div id="friendreq_'.$fansubreqID.'" class="friendrequests">';
            $fanpage_requests .= '<a href="user.php?u='.$fansubuser1.'">'.$fansubuser1pic.'</a>';
            $fanpage_requests .= '<div class="user_info" id="user_info_'.$fansubreqID.'">'.$fansubdatemade.' <a href="user.php?u='.$fansubuser1.'">'.$fansubuser1.'</a> requests friendship<br /><br />';
            $fanpage_requests .= '<button onclick="fanReqHandler(\'accept\',\''.$fansubreqID.'\',\''.$fansubuser1.'\',\'user_info_'.$fansubreqID.'\')">accept</button> or ';
            $fanpage_requests .= '<button onclick="fanReqHandler(\'reject\',\''.$fansubreqID.'\',\''.$fansubuser1.'\',\'user_info_'.$fansubreqID.'\')">reject</button>';
            $fanpage_requests .= '</div>';
            $fanpage_requests .= '</div>';


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Read the documentation. mysqli_fetch_row does NOT return a number. It returns ONE record from the query. Look at the examples in the documentation: you need to use mysqli_fetch_row inside a loop to retrieve all records.

To know the number of rows returned by a query, use mysqli_num_rows.

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ok i looked into what you sugested and changed the first part to look like this $fanpage_requests = ''; $fansql = "SELECT created_by, fanpage_name FROM fanpages WHERE created_by = '$log_username' "; if ($fanquery = mysqli_query($db_conx, $fansql)){ while($fanrow = mysqli_fetch_array($fanquery, MYSQLI_ASSOC)) { $fanpage_name = $fanrow["fanpage_name"]; $created_by = $fanrow["created_by"]; $fansubSql = "SELECT * FROM friends WHERE user2='$fanpage_name' AND accepted='0' ORDER BY datemade ASC"; –  Michael Frost Mar 13 '13 at 12:19
but still doesn't make a difference –  Michael Frost Mar 13 '13 at 12:19
Debug your code: use "echo" to print the values of variables or queries before they are executed. Use "print_r" to display the records returned by your queries. Enable error reporting, check your error logs. Tell us what exactly you need help with, post a short and relevant code snippet, and the exact error message you are getting. You don't use "mysqli_error()", how do you know if one of your queries is failing? –  Jocelyn Mar 13 '13 at 15:28
ok if i echo $fansql i get :SELECT created_by, fanpage_name FROM fanpages WHERE created_by = 'Jeff' (jeff being the user logged in) so its solving $log_username correctly. –  Michael Frost Mar 13 '13 at 15:45
echo $fannumrows echos the number 6 which is correct there are 6 fanpages created by jeff –  Michael Frost Mar 13 '13 at 15:47

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