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Hi there is there any way to check if .exe file exists on a given path or not. I have installation of ImageMagic. I have a path of convert.exe of Image Magic. I need to check that in given path the convert.exe exists or not. I have implemented

$settingFileContent = file_get_contents($settingFilePath);
       // print_r($settingFileContent);
        $allPaths = unserialize(stripslashes($settingFileContent));

if (isset($allPaths['IMAGE_CONVERT_EXE'])) {
                //cho $allPaths['IMAGE_CONVERT_EXE'];
                if (file_exists($allPaths['IMAGE_CONVERT_EXE'])) {
                    $analysisResultObj->level = ENUM_SUCCESS;
                } else {
                    $analysisResultObj->level = ENUM_ERROR;
                    $analysisResultObj->infoText = "Image Magic convert.ext has wrong path";   
                 Logger::getLogger('Application')->error('Image Magic convert.ext has wrong path');

I can change the value of $allPaths['IMAGE_CONVERT_EXE'] in file. When I change to wrong value even in that condition it returns true.

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strange, try using is_file() and see what is the result? – user1646111 Mar 13 '13 at 11:26
There is a missing ' after .exe in the first code block. – Ghigo Mar 13 '13 at 11:27
Same result :-( – Awais Qarni Mar 13 '13 at 11:28
@Ghigo It is in question not in code – Awais Qarni Mar 13 '13 at 11:28
@AwaisQarni but in a comment below you say something like "but in actual code I am using ...". So could you paste something more like your actual code? Maybe you have a typo in one of the variables? – Nanne Mar 13 '13 at 11:32
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Based on the documentation comment specifically about PHP on Windows I'm guessing (and let's be clear: everything in PHP is a guess) try this:

$file = 'd:/somfolder/imagemagic/convert.ext'
if(file_exists($file)) {
    // should be false

Based on your actual code have you tried:

$file = $allPaths['IMAGE_CONVERT_EXE'];
if(file_exists($file)) {
    // should be false

Looking at the documentation someone commented about having this same problem on Windows and being unable to return the correct result when concatenating string values. While you are not concatenating string values together its at least worth a shot to make sure there isn't something else strange going on.

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nothing in php is a guess if you know what you're doing. I don't like the "magic" approach. – Ghigo Mar 13 '13 at 11:30
Read the documentation, it is a guess. – cfeduke Mar 13 '13 at 11:31
By the way in actual code I am using variable – Awais Qarni Mar 13 '13 at 11:31
You should probably post your actual code then. – cfeduke Mar 13 '13 at 11:32
The most dangerous thing you can do on Stack Overflow: write a reasonable answer about a PHP question. – cfeduke Mar 13 '13 at 11:41

To me it sounds like you're trying to get wether or not the Imagemagick extension exists. PHP provides ways for doing just that thus eliminating your extrapolated and insane approach all together.

    echo extension_loaded('imagick');

Additionally, you can get an idea of your installed extensions via

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the (supposed) problem is about file_exists() not working correctly. – Ghigo Mar 13 '13 at 11:45
this is a valid solution to the problem stated by the questioner – cfeduke Mar 13 '13 at 11:54

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