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I am using THREE.JS rev 49.

My program needs to update a mesh by changing it's geometry. Unfortunately the display does not seem to update.

Here is my code :

// theObject is an array of associatives :

// {
//     object1: {mesh: undefined/THREE.mesh, mat: THREE.Material, geo: THREE.Geometry}
//     object2: {mesh: undefined/THREE.mesh, mat: THREE.Material, geo: THREE.Geometry}
//     ...
// }

// In my function, theObject[i].mesh geometry must change to be theObject[i].geo.

for(i in theObjects) {

    if ( theObjects[i].mesh == undefined) {
        theObjects[i].mesh = new THREE.Mesh(theObjects[i].geo, theObjects[i].mat);

        theObjects[i].mesh.geometry.dynamic = true;
        theObjects[i].geo.verticesNeedUpdate = true;

    }  else
        theObjects[i].mesh.geometry.vertices = theObjects[i].geo.vertices;


Do I have to add something else ?


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If I understood correctly you are updating vertices here:

        theObjects[i].mesh.geometry.vertices = theObjects[i].geo.vertices;  

Try to change this code to :

         theObjects[i].mesh.geometry.dynamic = true;
         theObjects[i].mesh.geometry.vertices = theObjects[i].geo.vertices;  
         theObjects[i].mesh.geometry.verticesNeedUpdate = true;

In if(){} you create a mesh and in else{} you update so dynamic = true and verticesNeedUpdate = true you need to set to mesh which is in else{}.

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Thank you Uhura. I though verticesNeedUpdate was a permanent option. :) –  Oragon Efreet Mar 13 '13 at 12:54

When changing the entire geometry, I think the easiest way is to remove the old one (scene.remove(geometry), then add the new one (scene.add(geometry)). I think the cost of modifying the mesh and geometry parameters and properties is the same as adding a new one, although adding is much easier and saves a lot of headache!

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worked for me - thanks –  bernhardrusch Mar 5 at 15:50
make sure if you use scene.remove(mesh), you also call mesh.geometry.dispose(), mesh.material.dispose() and mesh.texture.dispose() else you'll get memory leaks I think (r71) –  JoeRocc Jul 19 at 2:31

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