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As is fairly common these days, I use AMD modules to organize my JS. So I have a .jshintrc configured in each project accordingly:

    "predef": [

On the command line, running jshint gives clear output. However Codekit seems to be ignoring the jshint when it runs, complaining about 'define' etc.

How can I make Codekit respect a .jshintrc file?

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Any solutions to this so far? Having the same issue. –  Ivan Torres Aug 12 '14 at 11:37
Sorry @IvanTorres after having a few issues with CodeKit and approaching the author with no response, I gave up and now use gulp. –  mikemaccana Aug 12 '14 at 14:10

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Custom Globals is a CSV list that is used for both JSHint and JSLint.

It is located here:

CodeKit.app[Select Your Project]Project Settings / [Gear Icon]Syntax CheckersCustom Globals

Yours would look like this:

CodeKit -> Project Settings -> Syntax Checkers -> Custom Globals

I tested it with "app, angular" and it worked like a charm.

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