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I created a MVC 4 Web Api and ran all the configurations to get it running, but I get the error mentioned above.

The event log says I am running two version of .NET

I have enabled 32 bit applications on the server

This is the proof of .NET 4 Registration:


This is the error I am getting:

Error 1

Event viewer

The setup for above error:

Website Properties

Clicking on configure from above screen:

Application Configuration

Clicking on edit:

When choosing version 4 isapi

If I change the wildcard mapping dll to the follwing

When choosing version 2 isapi

I get this error, as you can see it says I am running version 2 of .net which is not true according to the first screenshot, I have tried iisreset to not avail:


The wild card mappings are used for clean url's when using MVC 4 web api.

This is the setup in IIS:


Can someone maybe guide me to a solution for this?


These are the resources for the initial setup I did:

Basically the IIS has framework 4 registered but it is using framework 2 when I try and load the api.

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