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I have set the price for my app at 11,99€ (Tier 13) and the "Price Tier" table says that I proceed 7,30€. My customer says that he pays each license for 10,43€ (same as the "Customer Price" in the Sales&Trends section of iTunesConnect). I've noticed that I proceed always the same price.

Can anyone help me to understand why my customer pays a little bit less each license?

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As the Apple's Volume Program Purchase Guide mention page 1 :

Tax registration information where applicable. If you are a business in the European Union (EU), you will need to provide your VAT registration number in order to make tax exempt purchases. For Canada, you will need to provide your existing Apple customer number or supporting documentation to be exempt from tax.

That's certainly why your customer pays 10,43€ per licence and your proceeds always the same price.

Hope this helps

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I was aware of this. My problem is that if I signed a contract with a company I can not say with certainty how much they spend on licenses because I can not actually predict the cost of each license. For example, I was quoted a price of 11.99 * 50 = € 599.50 when in reality they have spent € 521.5 and I've been losing because I have lowered the price of customization to be able to round the price. I was wondering how I can therefore predict the actual price of the license. –  SirSeymour Mar 13 '13 at 13:50
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