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i am using this function for get request param spring3 mvc and my url is


@RequestMapping(value = "/register/{username}/{password}/{email}",  method = RequestMethod.GET)

public @ResponseBody ResponseMsg getUserInJSON(@PathVariable String username, @PathVariable String password, @PathVariable String email) {
        ResponseMsg responseMsg = CommonUtils.checkParam(username, password, email);
            responseMsg =  userService.registerUser(username, password, email);
        return responseMsg;

it works good but if i change my url like this localhost:8080/karmaFriend/register/abc//abc@abc.com

then it will not call to that function ... is there any other way to call same function ??

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it seems that you need to write a different method: stackoverflow.com/a/4904139/322166 –  Dani Mar 13 '13 at 13:56
I am not sure why you would want to register someone without a username, but you can use regular expressions in your path variables. Try changing username to "{username:^[\pL\pN\p{Pc}]*$}", which will hopefully gobble up 0 or more alpha-numerics with underscore characters. You may have to play with the regex a bit. –  CodeChimp Mar 14 '13 at 12:34

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