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I am trying to display attributes of an object (let's call it STUFF) in a set of fields. What I would like to do is, for each instance of STUFF, add a JPanel and multiple Jlabels and JTextFields showing the values of the STUFF attributes to a Jframe.

My question would be : Is there any way to design a whole JPanel containing everything I want, use that as a model of some sort, and then, dynamically create an instance of it for each STUFF instance ?

(I am using Netbeans)

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You create a Class (CustomPanel) that extends JPanel and there you implement all your fields.

Each time you need to create an additional CustomPanel, you just write

CustomPanel cPanel = new CustomPanel();

and you treat it like a normal JPanel.. Create setter and getter methods to set and get values of the form.

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Thanks, I'm going to try that. Java is new to me so I don't have this kind of habits. – Sophet Mar 13 '13 at 15:09
This is object oriented programming. In case you find this answer useful please mark the answer as correct so other may benefit from it. – Alexi Akl Mar 13 '13 at 15:24

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