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I am getting this data

\U2013\U00ee\U2013\U00b5\U2014\U00c7\U2014\U00c5\U2013\U222b\U2013\U220f\U2013\U00b5 \U2013\U00f8\U2013\U00b5\U2014\U00c5\U2013\U03a9\U2013\U220f - \U2013\U00f5\U2013\U00ef\U2013\U00ed \U2013\U00f2 \U2013\U00eb\U2013\U2020\U2013\U00ea\U2013\U00ee\U2013\U00fb\U2013\U00eb\U2013\U2020\U2013\U00ef\U2013\U00f4

I need to display it. If I display it in a UILabel, it displays like:

î–µ—Ç—Å–∫–∏–µ –ø–µ—Å–Ω–∏ - –õ–ï–í –ò –ë–†–ê–î–û–ë–†–ï–ô

What control will display the characters properly?

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maybe will help you stackoverflow.com/questions/2294390/… –  SAKrisT Mar 13 '13 at 13:08
ahaha "U" needs to be a lowercase "u" stackoverflow.com/questions/1329554/… –  SAKrisT Mar 13 '13 at 13:09
It looks like a valid result, check it by this command at any browser address bar: javascript:alert('text that you think is a valid unicode') –  A-Live Mar 13 '13 at 13:12
see my answer, i think your problem solve –  Deepesh Mar 13 '13 at 13:12
@SAKrisT i am running into this exact same problem, how would one send the data from a server using \u instead of \U? or convert it on the front? –  trdavidson May 27 at 6:08

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I believe the problem is not choosing the right control - any UI control should be able to do that.

I suspect that your issue lies in decoding the above string and assigning it the correct encoding.

Please show us the code that creates the NSString from the above data, I believe in that lies your error.

Also, it appears that your codes are not cyrillic at all. See here for an example of cyrillic letters and their codes (in unicode):


And here's an equivalent output of cyrillic letters:

NSString *s = @"\u0414\u0411";
NSLog (@"%@", s);

prints: ДБ

Ergo, your own code is correct, but you're not having cyrillic letter codes there.

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firstly your Unicode string is wrong (Hint u must small letter)

use this code

  NSString *str = @ "\u00fb\u2013\u00eb\u2013\u2020\u2013\u00ef\u2013\u00f4";

    const char *getchar = [str UTF8String];
    NSString *getText = [NSString stringWithCString:getchar encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding];

    NSLog(@"getText %@", getText);


getText û–ë–†–ï–ô

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That code is needlessly complex. The getchar and getText lines are superfluous. Simply do: NSLog(@"%@", str); –  Thomas Tempelmann Mar 13 '13 at 13:22

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