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In my application i am sending an email to a user with a link to a jsp. if user clicks on the link and is not logged-in then it is redirecting to the login page and after successfully login it is redirecting to the default landing page.

I want when user logged in successfully then it should be redirect to same page (link page) for which user submitted the request and not to the default page.

I am using Spring Security 2.0.2.

any help would be appreciated.

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define yourAuthenticationFilter with SavedRequestAwareAuthenticationSuccessHandler

    <bean id="yourAuthenticationFilter" class="yourAuthenticationFilterClass">  
        <property name="authenticationSuccessHandler">
            <bean class="" />
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a quick question, will it work in spring security 2.0.2? – vikasgupta Mar 13 '13 at 17:59
its not working in ss 2.0.2 – vikasgupta Mar 14 '13 at 4:58
sorry I did not realized that. – Josef Procházka Mar 14 '13 at 7:09

I found the answer. i have added the following lines in custom authentication filter which extends AuthenticationProcessingFilter

HttpSession session = request.getSession(false);
        SavedRequest savedRequest = null; 
        if (session != null) {
            savedRequest = (SavedRequest) session.getAttribute(SPRING_SECURITY_SAVED_REQUEST_KEY);

and savedRequest object stores the last requested url and which can be set as a target url after successful authentication.

P.S. This work in Spring security 2.0.

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