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Hi am using Visual studio search option and want to customized search using regular expression

for example I want to list all .aspx & .cs pages where word "ValidState" written and don't want to include some pages in search like "userconfig.aspx, newRegistration.aspx & addEmp.cs".

can any one tell me what will be regular expression for search ? Visual Studio IDE

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Whats the reason for down voting, is my question not valid ? – Neeraj Kumar Gupta Mar 13 '13 at 13:26
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You cannot exclude files from search in the search box. Instead, you could search your solution from a command line such as cygwin using a command similar to

egrep '\*\*' *.aspx *.cs **/*.aspx **/*.cs | egrep -v "userconfig.aspx|newRegistration.aspx|addEmp.cs"
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