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The title is slightly confusing, but basically, I have created a search feature which allows my users to enter search terms. Say if they entered 'e' it would return answers such as "Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Doncaster" etc. Basically, I want something that then checks each of those towns/cities one by one, checks how many bands are registered from those towns/cities, and display say:

** "Leeds - 5 records found"**

It would be easy if you could output multiple queries at once, however, you can't. If somebody knows a way around this I would be very grateful.

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can you elaborate a bit more? – Praveen Nambiar Mar 13 '13 at 13:03
Do you know that (in most SQL-based systems) you can use sub-query in FROM clause? – PM 77-1 Mar 13 '13 at 13:05

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Are you talking about something like this?

select town, count(*) as num
from something
where blah = blah
group by town

This should give you a results set like:

town      num
----      ----
Leeds     2
Liverpool 3

When you use aggregate functions like max, count and min and a group by clause, the aggregation applies to the group, in this case, the town.

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I'm assuming the num column is listing the amount of records from a designated table in which the records contain the names of the towns? – Banny Mar 13 '13 at 13:49

Try something like this:

CREATE TABLE citiesWithBand AS
(Select city, count(band) as bandcount
From yourtable
group by city);

Then you can do queries:

SELECT city, bandcount
FROM citiesWithBand
WHERE city likes '%userinput%';

Or you can combine these into a single query:

Select city, count(band) as bandcount
From yourtable
WHERE city LIKES '%userinput%'
GROUP BY city;
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