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I'm using tinyscrollbar and script. I want to have a button on my page which should simulate a mousewheel on clicking. I think it is the function wheel(event) in the tinyscrollbar-script which should be called. How can I do that?


But this does not work

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   $('#your_tinyscrollbar_id').wheel();     //Your function call



You can't : this function is actually private, and only accessible within the update function.

Here is the description of a initialized tinyscrollbar :

$('#your_scrollbar').data('tsb')             //Object description
    Scrollbar {update: function}
        update: function ( sScroll )
            arguments: null
            caller: null
            length: 1
            name: ""
            prototype: Object
            __proto__: function Empty() {}
            <function scope>                  //Private functions, accessible 
              Closure                         //only within the scope of the 
                drag: function drag( event )  //update function
                end: function end()
                iMouse: Object
                iPosition: Object
                iScroll: 0
                oContent: Object
                oScrollbar: Object
                oSelf: Scrollbar
                oThumb: Object
                oTrack: Object
                oViewport: Object
                oWrapper: p.fn.p.init[1]
                options: Object
                sAxis: false
                sDirection: "top"
                sSize: "Height"
                setEvents: function setEvents()
                setSize: function setSize()
                start: function start( event )
                touchEvents: false
                wheel: function wheel( event )
            Global: Window
            __proto__: Scrollbar
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thanks, but does not work –  matin Mar 13 '13 at 13:27
@matin Try to be more explicit please : what doesn't work? Do the click event triggers? Is the wheel() function called? Check that with your javascript debugger –  Bigood Mar 13 '13 at 13:36
click does work. if i use $("#clickit").click(function(){ alert('d'); }); the alert is shown. but if i use $("#clickit").click(function(){ wheel(); alert('d'); }); no alert is shown and function wheel seems not to be called because i also put an alert to this function. alert in function wheel is shown if is scroll the mousewheel –  matin Mar 13 '13 at 13:41
@matin Then it's your call to the wheel() function that doesn't work. Check that the wheel() function is in the scope –  Bigood Mar 13 '13 at 13:43
sorry, but i am not so good in this. the function wheel is a "subfunction" of function Scrollbar( root, options ) and this function is in ;( function( $ ) . so maybe i have to call another function first? –  matin Mar 13 '13 at 13:59

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