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If I create a reverse index in Oracle on a VARCHAR2 column do I also need to reverse the value used in the WHERE clause?

CREATE INDEX myindex ON myTable(name) REVERSE;

SELECT name FROM myTable WHERE name='Peter';


SELECT name FROM myTable WHERE name='reteP';
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You need it to improve the data distribution.

Like, many movie names begin with The which would degrade the index performance.

You don't need to reverse the condition: Oracle will do it for you automatically.

However, you cannot do range queries anymore:


will result in a full scan

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Thanks - that's kind of what I figured. –  Gandalf Oct 8 '09 at 17:16

The value you are searching for is 'Peter'. If you search for 'reteP' you will return zero rows (or at least not the rows you're looking for).

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No you don't - see Burleson for the full skinny.

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