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Still a beginner so treat me gently.

I'm building an html "app" that takes days you are off-home as input and calculates multiple outputs such as: Pack: 5 shirts, 5 underwears, 3 pairs of socks..

<form oninput="x.value=(d.value).toFixed(0)">

<p>I'm going to be off-home for <input type="number" id="d" value=""> days. </p>

<p>I'll pack:</p><output id="result" name="x" for="d">X</output> <p>shirts.</p>
<output id="result" name="x" for="d">X</output> <p>underwears.</p>


At the moment I manage to get one output working, but if I add the second output, it won't work. I have read the form/input/output documentary - it didn't open for me.


How can I print multiple outputs from one input?


how can I calculate different values for the output?

(For example input values is 5, and I want the number of socks to be (5/2).toFixed(0)

I would prefer a HTML-only solution, but if javascript is needed, help me to get going.

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I hate to break it to you, but you're already using JavaScript :)


You also might want to reconsider using the "output" tag since it's not supported in IE: Output tag

HTML is used to define the structure of the document, so you'll have to use JavaScript (or equivalent) to get the functionality you want.

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Totally fine! Thanks. I'll dig to to. :) – AarneHuttunen Mar 13 '13 at 13:36

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