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Is it possible to set a breakpoint on every database call that's being made by the Entity Framework? This would be a very simple way to debug where unexpected database calls are coming from.

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It's certainly possible since there are tools like Entity Framework Profiler and MiniProfiler that do this. But I don't think it is very trivial to implement this on your own for quick debugging purposes.

You don't want to reinvent the wheel, so I suggest giving those two tools a try. Entity Framework Profiler even shows you where in your code each query originated and you can even click on the points of origin to jump to that location in Visual Studio.

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I tried the MiniProfiler, a very useful library. But for some situations I think normal debugging with a proper call stack and debugging info is a lote more useful. I will take a look at EF Profiler! – Dirk Boer Mar 13 '13 at 14:25

You could try Intellitrace - When debugging with VS 2012 open the Intellitrace window (Debug -> Windows -> Intellitrace Events). There you should see all the queries sent to the database. Select the query and click "Call Stack".

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In the end I included the MiniProfiler (StackExchange.Profiling) source code projects, and set a breakpoint in the ProfiledDbCommand constructor with the condition command.CommandText != "".

Maybe there is even a better spot to set a breakpoint, but this works for me! :)

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