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I'm developing a Facebook application that displays the user's friends and their status. To do so I'm looking for a way for Facebook to push status updates to my app server. In other words, an asynchronous status update notification mechanism. At present the application continuously polls the user's stream using a FBL request, which can become resource intensive as the number of users grows. Any thoughts?

[EDIT] : my application is not web-based but targets mobile phone networks, so there is no live web interface. For example, sending an SMS for each friend status update.

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I'm not sure what language your using but with PHP and a few others you can use the batch(); method that sends a whole load of commands at once and thus using a lot less CPU/Network, Check it out

If your just using FBML then don't bother, Facebook handles it all. Hope that helps

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I use Java. Unfortunately batch processing won't work for me because commands would target distinct users, so I must maintain several sessions at once. – fbonnet Oct 12 '09 at 8:19

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