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I am using qt creator and i am unable to push my commits to bitbucket.I can commit from qt creator but not push.I have deone some research and the first place to look was SO and i was fortunate to find this Using git push from Qt Creator

However,i have the ssh-agent.exe running and i can commit and push from Git bash on windows.I get this error when i push from qt creator

The command 'C:/Program Files/Git/cmd/git.cmd' did not respond within the timeout limit (60000 ms).

Its a known bug but that was closed in favor of this one

My qt creator version is 2.6.2.

is there a solution for this to enable one push from qt creator?.

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If you want to set credentials permanently, add the following line to %USERPROFILE%/_netrc on Windows (or $HOME/.netrc on linux):

machine login <user> password <pass>

If you want Qt Creator to prompt you for the password, install ssh-askpass on linux or win-ssh-askpass on Windows and make sure it is set in Tools -> Options -> Version Control -> General (SSH prompt command).

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