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I am still stuck on a highlighting problem in IE 7/8. I have tried applying CSS from this question, changing the onselectstart event to return false, adding the attribute unselectable="on", and anything else I could find here on SO.

Then I came across this response to this question:

Once an element is unselectable, users cannot select from within that element. However, they are still able to select either the text or the box of the element by dragging into it from within another element which is not unselectable.

I have tried to work around this by cancelling various events on myElement (ondragenter, oncontrolselect, onmouseenter, onselectionchange...), it didn't work.

This is exactly what I am trying to do. I have a raphael canvas object that the user can drag in order to draw. However, if they leave the canvas I do not want text in "outside" elements to be highlighted. I was wondering if anybody has found a hack for the quoted problem. I'm only having this problem in IE 7/8.

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