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I have an application loading in an iframe. What I am currently doing is the following:

  1. the top document creates a div with a spinning wheel
  2. the iframe starts loading
  3. as soon as the iframe has loaded, the onload event is triggered to hide the div with the spinning wheel
  4. but the iframe still has to load assets (CSS, JS, ...)

The problem that I have is that step number 4 is quite long, and I would like to keep on showing the spinning wheel (remove the onload event from the iframe definition). As soon as the iframe has been fully loaded, I would like to trigger an event in the top-level document.

How do I trigger an event in the top level from within an iframe? jQuery would be great.

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You can try this in your iframe code:

$(document).ready(function () {

you will have to create a function called hideSpinningWheel that do what you want in your parent page.

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