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I have a weird problem. Whenever I start to debug and stop the debug if a file has a breakpoint I won't be able to open it directly in Visual Studio.

I have ReSharper 7.1 and StyleCop installed but disabled and installed VS 2012 Update 2 but it didn't fix my problem.

If I click on the breakpoint I get an error:

Unable to go to the breakpoint. The ViewManager.ActiveView must be a View contained within the ViewManager.WindowProfile.

And if I debug again and Visual Studio has to hit the breakpoint, I get:

'TheFile' not found.
You need to find 'TheFile' to view the source for the current call stack frame.

The only solution to get my file to open again is to close and reopen Visual Studio.

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To stop ALL files from being closed after debugging simply go to

Tools > Import and Export Settings > Reset Settings

This will fix this bug, I have the old settings saved that caused this error but I am unsure what specifically causes it within the settings. After frustratingly searching around for a clear answer to this problem I hope this helps others that might have this issue.

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This one did it for me. Can also be performed from the command prompt using: "devenv /resetsettings" –  maets Mar 4 at 13:21

I have had several similar debug problems with Reshaper 7.1. Uninstalling it solved my problems. I wont claim that problem was in Reshaper as I have other plugins installed, but other plugins don't make this kind of problems so Reshaper had to go.

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I had the same problem and managed to resolve it by checking the solution configuration (right-click the solution and select "Configuration Manager." It was there I discovered that for debugging purposes the Build checkbox wasn't checked. Doh. Checking it fixed the problem.

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