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I am trying to prevent the default cursor style for dragging in Dart. In the onDragStart method, I set the cursor style to 'move', and then revert back to the default in onDragEnd:

onDragStart(e) {
    prevCursor = placeholder.style.cursor;      
    placeholder.style.cursor = 'move';

onDragEnd(e) {
    placeholder.style.cursor = prevCursor;

When dragging, the cursor still defaults to the 'not-allowed' style. I have tried many methods to prevent this, such as preventing the default to onSelectStart in the onDragStart method, which was recommended as a fix for chromium in javascript, but does not work in Dart:

document.onSelectStart.listen( (e) {
    return false; 

I have also tried setting the default in CSS, which is not how I would like to accomplish this, but it still doesn't work:

a:drag {

Any suggestions?

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Keep in mind, there is nothing special about how Dart handles cursors--or basically anything else--for web apps. You might want to Google around for solutions to this problem on regular ol' CSS/Javascript sites. It should be easy to map any solution you find to your Dart code. –  kevmoo Mar 28 '13 at 14:16

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Hmm...just a guess but maybe try to see if maybe you need to also handle onDragEnter?

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