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So I have a function where the text of one div replaces another, I got the code working fine, however I wonder if there is a nice dynamic way to abstract the code so I get a shorter snippet, and thus I don't have to repeat the code over and over for each "pair" of divs?

My JS:

 var correctAnswer1 = $('#q1').text();              

    var correctAnswer2 = $('#q2').text();               

    var correctAnswer3 = $('#q3').text();               
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If you allready know the number of pairs you coud do something like this:

var numberOfQuestions = 5;

for(i = 0; i < numberOfQuestions; i++)

    var answer = jQuery("#q"+i).text();


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Give all the #qN elements the question class.

$(".question").each(function () {
    var cid = "#c"+$(this).attr("id").substr(1);
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i this this will work

function setTxtVal(id){
if(typeof id == "string"){
var sec = id.charAt(id.length - 1);
$("#c"+sec).text( $("#"+id).text() )
if(typeof id == "object"){
var x ,s;
for (x in id) {
var s = x.charAt(x.length - 1);
$("#c"+s).text( $("#"+x).text() )    



setTextVal(["c1", "c3", "c4"])

or u can make a jquery plugin

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  $('#c' + index).html($(this).html());

Somtething like this

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