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Having a NodeJS + SocketIO server in javascript. Are there options to have a Java application to connect to that NodeJS/SocketIO server so that it can publish and subscribe messages?

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I made something similar recently for teaching (node.js server, java client in publish/subscribe).

Actually, you should consider Faye : http://faye.jcoglan.com/ You can attach a websocket and/or bayeux server in a node.js instance using faye.

You can then connect any client that implement one or both of these protocol.

I successfully used it in the past for a lab with students in which a server is node.js publishing information, and a java client subscribe to faye using the cometd library (http://cometd.org/).

Source code of :

Although the document is in French, I guess the figure at page 4 in https://github.com/cgravier/WI-UCLab/blob/master/lab%20document/context-awareness.pdf is self explanable.



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I have used this one android-websockets which includes both SocketIO and Pure Websockets communication, but did not find it so stable, it had issues connecting to the server but this one socket.io-java-client seems like alright but have not used it.

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