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In my Config.groovy i put line:

grails.config.locations = [ ""]

where I set definition for datasource. File looks like:


and it properly replace properties from DataSource.groovy.

Problem is that it replace configuration for every environment, but i need separate config for dev, test and production. Trying to put into file different entries like:


ends with default data sources properties defined in DataSource.groovy. How to make one property file to work with different environments?

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There are several possible approaches. Here are a couple:

  1. Embed the current environment name in your external config file name:

    grails.config.locations = [ "classpath:app-${}"]

    This will cause to be loaded in dev mode, in test, etc.

  2. Use the .groovy config format instead of .properties. With a .groovy config file, you can use the environment { ... } block.

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Thank you! Your answer bring me to this post:… and I used mixed solution (external file for production and native config for dev and test). – Gorky Mar 14 '13 at 14:43

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