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This week ive been landed with a task of transforming a extract from a database into something usable in sharepoint (my acctual specialism)

for this i need to assign GUID (NEWID()) to unqiue elements of an address field.

I have 'atomised' the RAW_CSV table into trans_area and trans_subarea and need to copy the trans_area.area_guid to the trans_subarea.subarea_pguid it illustrate the subarea's parent.

using the amazing resource of brains on SO ive written to this point:

SELECT DISTINCT area_guid FROM trans_area JOIN IBS_RAW_CSV ON trans_area.area_id = IBS_RAW_CSV.Area_id JOIN trans_subarea ON IBS_RAW_CSV.SubArea_Name = trans_subarea.subarea_name

which IS giving me the GUID im looking for but im not convinced im going along the right path. Id really appreciate a pointer in the right direction.

My previous database knowledge was in LAMP evironments many moons ago.

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OK After more looking, i tidied up and tweaked it to this:

    UPDATE sa
SET sa.subarea_pguid = ta.[area_guid] 
FROM trans_area as ta
ON ta.area_id = ibs.Area_id
JOIN trans_subarea AS sa 
ON ibs.SubArea_Name = sa.subarea_name

which does the job!

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