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How can I save result from nc to the variable?

I want:

nc: connect to localhost port 1 (tcp) failed: Connection refused

on my variable. I tried:

a="$(nc -z -v localhost 1)"
echo $a

but output is empty.

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So you want to capture the error output? – Adam Gent Mar 13 '13 at 16:40

Just use $() to get the result of the command:

your_var=$(nc -z -v localhost 1)

If you also want the error to be stored, then redirect the 2 (error) to 1 (normal output):

your_var=$(nc -z -v localhost 1 2>&1)
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Just redirect stderr to stdout, expressed by 2>&1:

a="$(nc -z -v localhost 1 2>&1)"
echo $a
nc: connect to localhost port 1 (tcp) failed: Connection refused

File descriptor 2 is attached (unless redirected) to stderr, and fd 1 is attached to stdout. The bash syntax $( ... ) only captures stdout.

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