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<a href="http://link" target="_blank" title="Check out our NEW E-Catalogue" alt="Check out our NEW E-Catalogue" name="Check out our NEW E-Catalogue"><img alt="Check out our NEW E-Catalogue" title="Check out our NEW E-Catalogue" src="http:/image" border="0px"></a>

The code above is what I'm using in a HTML email, sent via a email marketing platform.

When hovering over this image in Outlook 2010, and other email clients, the link shows instead of the title text.

Any suggestions?

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You can't control this. They do that to help stop phishing attempts – John Conde Mar 13 '13 at 16:53
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That's typical behavior to avoid concealing intended link targets. A snippet from the referenced link:

If you code an image that also links to a web page, some email apps (Outlook2000 and Apple Mail) override both the ALT and TITLE, and show the URL of the link instead. They do this for security, so you see where the link takes you before you click.

FWIW, [as an end-user] I'd rather see where a link is going than what the author felt was more appropriate than the link itself. Case in point:

<a href="" title="">
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