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I'm looking for a .NET-Class library or .NET-Framework which implements ant colony optimization. Can you give me any links, resources, etc. about this topic.

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I don't think the ant tag is appropriate for this question. It is used for Apache Ant – Rich Seller Oct 8 '09 at 17:11
Thank you. Fix it – AndreyAkinshin Oct 8 '09 at 17:18
Out of interest, what type of problem are you solving using ant colony optimisation? – Kirk Broadhurst Sep 12 '10 at 3:20

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Konrad Rudolph has published a short tutorial on ACO's on a german programming website.

It contains a fully-working VB.NET example project (in English) solving a Traveling Salesman Problem using an ACO.

ACO map of europe

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Have a look at Wikipedia article. It provides a good desription of the algorithm. The algorithm is rather easy to implement based on that arcicle. provides some more info on subject.

I have implemented a solution to travelling salesman problen using python. It is not .NET but maybe it is some help for you.

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Solution using python is very good. Thank you – AndreyAkinshin Oct 9 '09 at 19:18

Have a look at this MSDN article by James McCaffrey, I've been using a modified version of it for a while and it gave me very satisfying results. The article is very clear and the code is very clean and efficient.

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