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I have an API that spits out url's to a redirect page on my network. The url looks something like this:


There is a few other parameters, but that's the jist of it. The problem is that users are abusing it and creating their own clicks with bots. I want to create a passkey system that forces users to use links from the API so that it is not abused.

Something like this:


echo $url;


if($key<1 || $key>100)
die("Invalid key!");

This is obviously a pretty dumb solution since it just uses a random number...but hopefully you see what I am trying to accomplish.

My idea was to encrypt a date string by the hour and encrypt it with a static hidden key. This would make the key change each hour and would be much more difficult for frauders. The only problem with this is if someone got the url from the API at 9:59, it would expire at 10:00 which is too short.

What is the best way to do this? The (ideal) key should be...

  • Dynamic - it should change somewhat frequently.
  • Lightweight - can't spend tons of resources just checking the key.
  • Very difficult to crack/simulate.

What are your suggestions?

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What about a 1-time use hash, stored the current users' session?

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