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What's the best way to send constantly updating data from a server (over a REST API or a socket) to an iOS or Android app? Should I create a socket connection and have a socket server that pumps out data, or should I have the app periodically poll a backend resource? Thanks!

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The typical model I follow is to hit the server on a specified interval and download the updated data.

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Should I create a socket connection and have a socket server that pumps out data

This is an option. I know some top apps on the play store that use web sockets for streaming data.

Have the app periodically poll a backend resource

I would recommend against this. Polling drains the battery. The android OS will keep the CPU in idle mode at times and constant polling can wake the CPU up and cause a drain in battery. Users wont like that. You are also wasting processing power when there are no results from the server.

The easiest way to send push notifications / minor updates to the android phone is via GCM. The GCM messages are delivered in near real-time (I noticed a lag of about a second for my apps). The payload is limited to 4k and the messages are stored for up to 4 weeks. This is another option you can consider based on your use case.

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