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This issue is driving me nuts...I'm using eclipse Juno with latest SDK 21.1

My app runs regularly, I can easily start it from eclipse with Run as... command. But, from the first time I run it in debug mode, I can't disable it in any way. Even when I disconnect USB cable and after having killed the app, when I launch it again it keeps asking for debugger (Application xxx is waiting for the debugger to attach). This is very annoying, since I can't use the app and only found solution is to restart the phone. Restarting both ADB and Eclipse didn't work, disable/enable device's debug mode and force-close the app are useless too.

My process is shown under DDMS "devices" panel, but the button used to enable debug (the green bug) isn't a toggle one (like update heap button)

I don't know if it's a device issue (I'm using CM10.1 on Nexus S) or eclipse/DDMS one, but I noticed it since android 4.2 update on my Nexus 7, too.

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When I want to disconnect the DDMS i use this button:


It is located next to the "step over" and "step into" buttons.

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