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I have the following code to print a string(from a ResultSet) to a text file:

PrintWriter writer = new PrintWriter(new FileOutputStream(file, false));
while(RS.next()) {

I put a "\n" in the write statement in hopes that it will print each row on a different line, but it failed. The txt file currently prints out like so, with row# being a different row in the ResultSet:


I want it to print out like:







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Try using System.getProperty("file.separator") instead of \n and see if that works. This will also mitigate platform dependency for newlines. – nattyddubbs Mar 13 '13 at 18:39
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You should use println to print a newline character after each line:

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Thank you so much! – Acitropy Mar 13 '13 at 18:40

You can use PrintWriter#println() method instead.

From API:

Terminates the current line by writing the line separator string. The line separator string is defined by the system property line.separator, and is not necessarily a single newline character ('\n').

Also this should work as well.

writer.write(RS.getString(1)+ System.getProperty("line.separator"));
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