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Calling "index.php?pConta=1&pDataInicial=01-01-2000&pDataFinal=31-12-2000" I get this notices:

[08-Oct-2009 17:30:35] PHP Notice:  Undefined index: pConta in index.php on line 1
[08-Oct-2009 17:30:35] PHP Notice:  Undefined index: pDataInicial in index.php on line 2
[08-Oct-2009 17:30:35] PHP Notice:  Undefined index: pDataFinal in index.php on line 3

index.php source:

    $conta = $_GET['pConta'];
    $dtIni = $_GET['pDataInicial'];
    $dtFin = $_GET['pDataFinal'];

And the "var_dump($_GET)" shows me following:

array(3) { ["pConta"]=> string(1) "1" ["pDataInicial"]=> string(10) "01-01-2000" ["pDataFinal"]=> string(10) "31-12-2000" }

And $conta, $dtIni and $dtFin have excepted values.

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What PHP version are you using? What OS? – Zote Oct 8 '09 at 17:38

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I found the problem! I'm using xajax (an ajax php library) and it was calling the url without params.

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Sorted :) Was getting a bit confused as to why that wouldn't unless there was something like that we wernt aware of :) Don't forget to mark it answered :) – Andrew Oct 8 '09 at 18:04

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