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I'm essentially trying to create a similar highlight feature in iBooks, where you can pan over a text with a single touch and the words become highlighted. This is without editing any text. The problem is that I can't detect what words in the uitextview are being panned over.

I tried using the method: Get word from long tap in a word of UITextView. But this doesn't seem to detect a word when calling the method in a handlePanGesture method using the gesture's locationOfTouch:inView: as the "pos" argument, since this line...

 UITextRange * wr = [_tv.tokenizer rangeEnclosingPosition:tapPos withGranularity:UITextGranularityWord inDirection:UITextLayoutDirectionRight];

..returns nil.

Are there any other ways to go about doing this?

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Make sure your tapPos is using the correct position relative to the frame-origin of your UITextView. Verify by logging... –  Till Mar 13 '13 at 19:27
Managed to figure it out. TapPos was correctly assigned position within the textview, but I incorrectly passed in self.view into the method thinking that it would refer to textview, which the gesture was assigned too. Really dumb mistake. But thanks for the help. –  Joe Mar 13 '13 at 20:23

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