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I'm trying to extract bitmap from TOleContainer using the IDataObject's GetData method.

 OleContainer1.CreateObject('Paint.Picture', false);
 OleContainer1.OleObjectInterface.QueryInterface(IDataObject, DataObject);

EnumFormatEtc with DATADIR_GET on DataObject returns the following:

 cfFormat, ptd, dwAspect, lIndex, tymed


But when I do:

FormatEtc.cfFormat := CF_BITMAP;
FormatEtc.ptd := nil;
FormatEtc.dwAspect := DVASPECT_CONTENT;
FormatEtc.lIndex := -1;
FormatEtc.tymed := TYMED_HGLOBAL;

OleCheck(DataObject.GetData(FormatEtc, StorageMedium));

I'm getting Invalid FORMATETC stucture error. What am I doing wrong?

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Try to replace media type from TYMED_HGLOBAL to TYMED_GDI as suggested in this thread. –  TLama Mar 13 '13 at 19:19
I've already tried that. Same error. –  forsajt Mar 13 '13 at 20:02
Another way of doing it: stackoverflow.com/questions/2861008/… –  James L. Mar 13 '13 at 21:33

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I do the same thing you are trying to do by using the code found here. In my case, I found it best to do the following, which uses the DrawOleOnBmp() in the provided link:

if oleMain.OleObjectInterface = nil then
  raise Exception.Create('OLE Container is empty.');
DrawOleOnBmp(oleMain.OleObjectInterface, imgMain.Bitmap);

Where oleMain is a TOleContainer, and imgMain is a TImage32. Both are visible on the form...

For convenience, here is the method from the link, written by @MarkElder:

  Take a OleObject and draw it to a bitmap canvas.  The bitmap will be sized
  to match the normal size of the OLE Object.
procedure DrawOleOnBmp(Ole: IOleObject; Bmp: TBitmap32);
  ViewObject2: IViewObject2;
  ViewSize: TPoint;
  AdjustedSize: TPoint;
  DC: HDC;
  R: TRect;
  if Succeeded(Ole.QueryInterface(IViewObject2, ViewObject2)) then
    ViewObject2.GetExtent(DVASPECT_CONTENT, -1, nil, ViewSize);

    DC := GetDC(0);
    AdjustedSize.X := MulDiv(ViewSize.X, GetDeviceCaps(DC, LOGPIXELSX), 2540);
    AdjustedSize.Y := MulDiv(ViewSize.Y, GetDeviceCaps(DC, LOGPIXELSY), 2540);
    ReleaseDC(0, DC);

    Bmp.Height := AdjustedSize.Y;
    Bmp.Width := AdjustedSize.X;

    Bmp.FillRect(0, 0, Bmp.Width, Bmp.Height, clWhite);

    SetRect(R, 0, 0, Bmp.Width, Bmp.Height);

    OleDraw(Ole, DVASPECT_CONTENT, Bmp.Canvas.Handle, R);
    raise Exception.Create('Could not get the IViewObject2 interfact on the OleObject');
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Thanks for you input. I suppose this would work, but for one thing, do you happen to know what is the cause of GetData failure? Seems it has to do with TYMED_HGLOBAL, as when I change CF_BITMAP to CF_DIB and TYMED_HGLOBAL to TYMED_ISTREAM then I am able to retrieve the data successfully. For another, I would also like to write the data back and this is only possible with IDataObject interface, isn't it? –  forsajt Mar 13 '13 at 22:12
I haven't played that much with the TOleContainer, so I'm no expert with using the IDataObject interface. But last July I was trying to convert RTF documents to another format. Many of them contained OLE objects. I only saw the "Invalid FORMATETC stucture" when the OLE server wasn't installed on my computer for one of the OLE objects. If your error is caused from the same issue (missing OLE server), then there is nothing you can do with code to eliminate the error. The OLE server must be present to parse the OLE data and render it. –  James L. Mar 13 '13 at 22:21

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