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I have a standard three column layout where the first column is floated left, and the third column is floated right. The first column needs a full-height background.

  • This layout is for a template, so any of the three columns could have the longest content.
  • I can't change markup source order, so display:table solutions are not possible.
  • I can't add any DOM nodes.
  • The layout is centered with a minimum and maximum width, so I can't attach a vertically-repeating background image to the page with the built-in background color.
  • It needs to look OK in IE7, but IE8+ needs support.


To achieve the full-height left column, I created a pseudo-element on colLeft. That pseudo-element has fixed-positioning set to the viewport bottom, 100% height, and placed behind the left column. This solution is awesome because:

  • IE8+ supports pseudo-elements.
  • The pseudo-element is attached to the left column, so if the template doesn't have a left column, the background naturally isn't there.
  • By not setting a left or right attribute, the fixed-positioned pseudo-element stays with the left column (good for the centered layout).

Here's an example on CodePen.

(Make sure that the Document Mode is following the Browser Mode when viewing CodePens in IE).


In IE8 the full-height left column background only extends down to the initial viewport bottom (the fold).

I created another test with a new leftColBg node instead of the pseudo-element. This works as expected in IE8, meaning that the fixed positioning should work.

Here is the best explanation that I can find on IE8 and generated content: Why does a filter gradient on a pseudo element not work in IE8?

I think IE8 is incorrectly positioning the generated content, because it's not an "object" that contains content. Can anybody better explain this IE8 bug? Is there a fix?

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Sorry - no answer to this but I think I came across the same issue. Using body:content then adding position fixed didn't fix the element. But adding a div in the markup and then using the same CSS as the psuedo element worked as expected. –  user1010892 Jan 9 at 17:25

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